..And then there were two

This post marks a turning point for the trip, or the beginning of the trip proper you could say. I met with Alex and his DR650 at 3PM in Petrie  – destination Mapleton National Park. Brisbane was a stop over and was more of a social visit for us both to catch up with family and friends and marked one of the few stop-over in a major city we would have on this trip; we will be camping for the majority from here on out.

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Day 1 – It’s finally all happening

Well, I did it.

Although my departure was slightly delayed due to a few false starts, everything has finally fallen into place and I have now left the Mid North Coast to begin making my way to the tropics. My first stop over is currently in Murwillumbah and it seems to be quite a lovely place, I intend on spending the next day exploring to see what it has to offer.

I am also quite happy to say that nothing has gone wrong so far – my bike and gear has been travelling well with little to report after covering 400km without a hitch. I’ll be stopping by Brisbane tomorrow to visit some of my friends before meeting with Alex to work out where we are headed next. Thanks to a tip from Al I have also setup a MyTracks account on my phone so those that wish to stalk my progress can do so. Clicking on the marker will give you more information. Isn’t technology wonderful? I’ll be posting a more more detailing account of today and tomorrow at a later date, but until then, I’ll leave with a quick photo I snapped in the main street which kind of sums this place up.

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Where and when, exactly?

As discussed in my previous post I shall hopefully be setting off for a trip around Australia quite soon. One of the questions that I have been asked quite frequently is how long is it going to take and where am I going. This has been quite a tricky question to answer because to be quite honest I don’t really have a good answer for either of these questions.

When Alex and I started discussing the logistics of this trip one thing we both agreed on was that neither of us cared much for a set itinerary – we both wanted the freedom to run the trip as we pleased, with no time constraints or set itinerary to follow, instead choosing to come and go as we pleased, stopping at any interesting places along the way. For budgeting concerns I had thought that I would likely take not longer than around 6 months to complete my trip. This was essentially the only defining requirement for me personally, in addition to one other: we will be circumnavigating Australia anti-clockwise and it is intended that we will be travelling through all the way to the top of Australia – Cape York. This means that we will have to contend with changing weather patterns and come November the top end of Australia starts to get very wet. While I will be taking some good quality wet weather gear where-ever possible I chose to avoid monsoonal rain, so I am aiming to be clear of the Cape before the wet season starts. This means that I will need to leave the Mid North Coast, travel to the Cape and be clear of the top end before November – allowing me roughly one month from the beginning of the trip. After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to where I will be heading and when.

Motopacking – pardon?

Welcome to motopacker.com!

You’re probably wondering what motopacker means exactly. Well it’s quite simple really, it’s a noun formed from a portmanteau  but for that to make any sense I’ll need to start from the beginning.

Travel has always been a passion of mine, one which I have not had much of a chance to indulge in recent years due to university commitments; whilst I had greatly enjoyed my time studying in Newcastle (largely thanks to the many wonderful people I had met along the way – I have only been away from Newcastle for just under two months and I am already reminiscing about all the great times I have had over the years) I had grown somewhat restless, looking for a change. I have always enjoyed the sense of freedom that comes with road tripping and getting out and about exploring – I have long maintained that some of my best adventures have been when I have been hopelessly lost – even though I may not see it at the time. Be it finding myself on the wrong road out in the NSW outback 500km away from home on the way to Dubbo when I was 17 (sorry mum, I never did tell you that one) or walking back from the central coast to Newcastle at 1am – it’s all part of the fun, really. It was with all this in mind that I had begun to plan a trip to Canada for my final semester to study abroad at McMaster University in Ontario, due to leave in August. As I sit here in September getting ready to leave to circumnavigate Australia by motorcycle I can’t help but wonder that things didn’t quite go to plan…

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