One month, one day

New milestone today – I left a month and one day ago (Tuesday 8th of October) so I figured I’d throw a post up on how the trip & bikes have progressed so far.

- I’ve used approximately 250 litres of fuel at an average of $1.70 a litre.
- Total distance covered: 4,860km.
- 72 hours riding time.
- Fresh rear tyre
- 400MB of blog posts (including photos) have been uploaded.
~800MB of videos have been uploaded to YouTube.
- 16 posts have been uploaded.
- 53 comments posted.

Other than a once over and service at Herberton, the XR400 has been trouble free. Here’s to (hopefully) many more trouble free miles!


Just a quick note for any readers, please pardon the internission but I have had a few uni aasignments to get out of the way. I’ve made it to Cooktown & regular posting will resume in the next few days. Plenty of stories coming up :-)

Historic Herberton

Up until yesterday I had a brief stop over at my Aunty & Uncles near the historic town of Herberton – a good chance to give the bikes a once over and catch up on uni work. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle – I went and visited the historic village just on the northern outskirts of the town. I’ll let the pictures explain, but suffice to say this place was something special and is not to be missed if you ever find yourself up this way :-)


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A brief reflection on the role of technology in travel

Some of you may have noticed the tag on some of my posts by now – science and technology. Well this post will exemplify that, as it is not a progress update but is solely some musings I have had time to think about whilst travelling centred around the use of technology in society today, a personal topic of interest for me (given that I am an IT student). If you’re here solely for trip updates you may wish to skip this post ;-)

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