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Best laid plans

Anyone who knows me can probably guess that the title of this post is a bit tongue and cheek – I never had much of a plan for this trip aside from heading in a generally anti-clockwise direction until I ended up where I started from and well.. that was pretty much it. I did have one other proviso – I figured the trip would probably take me 6-7 months or so but as I now sit here in 5 months into the trip and I’m yet to head into the Northern Territory then it is pretty clear that my original timeframe has gone the wayside; a possibility I had always considered and to be honest I wasn’t overly fussed about. This post will go somewhat towards explaining why the trip has been extended, where I’m headed and what is to become of the blog in the meantime.

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Where and when, exactly?

As discussed in my previous post I shall hopefully be setting off for a trip around Australia quite soon. One of the questions that I have been asked quite frequently is how long is it going to take and where am I going. This has been quite a tricky question to answer because to be quite honest I don’t really have a good answer for either of these questions.

When Alex and I started discussing the logistics of this trip one thing we both agreed on was that neither of us cared much for a set itinerary – we both wanted the freedom to run the trip as we pleased, with no time constraints or set itinerary to follow, instead choosing to come and go as we pleased, stopping at any interesting places along the way. For budgeting concerns I had thought that I would likely take not longer than around 6 months to complete my trip. This was essentially the only defining requirement for me personally, in addition to one other: we will be circumnavigating Australia anti-clockwise and it is intended that we will be travelling through all the way to the top of Australia – Cape York. This means that we will have to contend with changing weather patterns and come November the top end of Australia starts to get very wet. While I will be taking some good quality wet weather gear where-ever possible I chose to avoid monsoonal rain, so I am aiming to be clear of the Cape before the wet season starts. This means that I will need to leave the Mid North Coast, travel to the Cape and be clear of the top end before November – allowing me roughly one month from the beginning of the trip. After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to where I will be heading and when.