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Chillagoe Smelters

A few weeks back I took advantage of some clear weather to take a trip out to Chillagoe to visit some historical ruins – the smelter’s works. This post is about that trip.

First port of call was to work out a route. I had decided to travel to Chillagoe via Irvinebank but aside from that the rest was undecided. A quick stop at Google Maps and I had a route:

Trip plan

Trip link – no MyTracks link this time (I forgot to enable it on my phone..)

First stop Irvinebank – the road is quite scenic and has a few twisty sections to keep it interesting.

Along the way you pass through Watsonville – blink and you’ll miss it..


Onto a short dirt stint. One day I might slow down for the tarmac/dirt transitions..


I intend on exploring out here a bit more – there are trails off the side of the road everywhere!





Onwards to Irvinebank. The best description I could give would be quaint but it certainly has a nice, relaxed vibe.




105km to Chillagoe via a narrow dirt track



Powerslides are quite easy on the loose marble surface. That’s what I would imagine anyhow…

Regular readers of the blog would probably notice that the country in these photos is quite a bit more ‘arid’ than that which we have travelled so far.


Spotted a few wild horses..




Apparently this route was part of an old Cobb & Co coach run.


Quite a few loose rocks to catch you out if you lapse concentration.



Spot the big green  smiling rock.


Pub and post office  – yep must be here! I didn’t spend much time in Chillagoe as I was short on time but if you’re curious there is some links on Wikipedia. With a population of 227 it is a pretty small place.


Reached my destination – Chillagoe Smelter’s works. Back in it’s heydey during the late 1800s and early 1900s this site was the largest smelter’s works in the state. Judging by what remains this must have been a very impressive sight at it’s peak! Further information here & here.


Visible in this photo are two of the remaining three chimneys. It is hard to get a sense of scale in these photos but the largest chimney is over 100m tall.






Looking over the slag pile.





I have no idea what this was for but it certainly caught my attention.

That concludes the trip – I don’t have any photos of the return trip as the GoPro went flat at this point but I returned after dark. The run through the mountains near Ravenshoe was spectacular as always so I guess I’ll have to revisit it so I can get some photos to share :-)

Until then,


Best laid plans

Anyone who knows me can probably guess that the title of this post is a bit tongue and cheek – I never had much of a plan for this trip aside from heading in a generally anti-clockwise direction until I ended up where I started from and well.. that was pretty much it. I did have one other proviso – I figured the trip would probably take me 6-7 months or so but as I now sit here in 5 months into the trip and I’m yet to head into the Northern Territory then it is pretty clear that my original timeframe has gone the wayside; a possibility I had always considered and to be honest I wasn’t overly fussed about. This post will go somewhat towards explaining why the trip has been extended, where I’m headed and what is to become of the blog in the meantime.

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Back to Cairns

I hope everyone had a lovely break for Christmas – I spent it catching up with cousins I hadn’t seen in years :-) This post essentially marks the end of the year – I’ll have some news on where the trip is headed in the next one.

20/11/2013-21/11/2013 – I was originally planning to split the trip up back down to Cairns over three or so days but things did not go according to plan this time..

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Regular stops to resume shortly

I’ve had a few people ask me for an update recently – I just wanted to leave a quick note to say that I haven’t forgotten about the blog, between a brief dose of food poisoning, catching up with relatives and then exceeding my mobile data limit I haven’t been able to put the latest batch of posts up – rest assured as of tomorrow (once my data cap resets) there will be some new content here including another set of pictures and videos :-)

Until then, my apologies for the delay!