Best laid plans

Anyone who knows me can probably guess that the title of this post is a bit tongue and cheek – I never had much of a plan for this trip aside from heading in a generally anti-clockwise direction until I ended up where I started from and well.. that was pretty much it. I did have one other proviso – I figured the trip would probably take me 6-7 months or so but as I now sit here in 5 months into the trip and I’m yet to head into the Northern Territory then it is pretty clear that my original timeframe has gone the wayside; a possibility I had always considered and to be honest I wasn’t overly fussed about. This post will go somewhat towards explaining why the trip has been extended, where I’m headed and what is to become of the blog in the meantime.

There were a few factors that influenced the trip itself – the main one was weather conditions, and will continue to be. Alex and I were both keen to have a crack at getting to the top of Australia (which I’m happy to say we accomplished without any serious problems). This meant that we needed to be able to get to the tip and back again before the wet season set in. I had originally intended to set off in August to give myself plenty of time to get to the top and back and then head over the NT border – unfortunately this was not to be due to an unreliable machine shop who won’t be named. After waiting a month to get my head and barrel back for the XR I collected my dust-covered parts and ended up going to another shop. This now meant that I would have zero time to test the bike, my gear and refine the setup before leaving (In fact I actually finished the XR’s engine a few days before I left) and would now be leaving on the 8th of October. I wasn’t originally sure how much time this would leave me before the wet set in but thankfully after speaking to a few people experienced in travelling the Cape I was assured that we should be ok to mid-November without expecting much rain. Luckily this proved to be the case – we actually just caught the beginning of rain as we were leaving. I later found out from my cousins that parts of the road became inaccessible about a week after we had left…

This had brought us to another point – we had made it out of the Cape ok but even if we left straight away we would find most of the roads in the Northern Territory would either be or soon become closed due to rain and flooding as the wet season took effect. Travel plans would have to be put on hold until April/May – giving enough time for the roads to dry out. As luck would have it this timing worked out well – it gives Alex and I both a chance to work over the wet season to build our funds back up and we avoid riding through the wettest part of the year – win-win really! I’ll be flying back to NSW for my uni graduation then once I get back in early May I’ll be hitting the road once again. If we had left straight after visiting the Cape then there would have also been quite a good chance we would have been caught in Cyclone Christine..


So I guess that leaves one final question – since I won’t be travelling until May, what will happen to the blog in the meantime? Well, my intention is that not much will change in the meantime. Well actually, not entirely true. I’m going to try and keep up-to-date now that I won’t have uni commitments taking up my time. Aside from that, I’ll still be writing stories, sharing photos and videos. There is plenty to do and see around here (I’m still constantly amazed at how much is crammed into such a small area) so my posts will be region-centric for the next few months. I also intend on doing a few more article-style posts in the mean time – covering a bit about the bike, my gear etc. I’ve also got a few ideas for a project I’m excited to try out –more details to come soon. Until then.


One thought on “Best laid plans”

  1. Hi Brogan, Mum here again. Yep not much you can do about the weather kiddo except sit tight and wait it out. At least I’ll get to give you a another big hug before you set out for the next stage of your trip. Keep the little stories coming. They’re an interesting read. Bye for now…

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