Best laid plans

Anyone who knows me can probably guess that the title of this post is a bit tongue and cheek – I never had much of a plan for this trip aside from heading in a generally anti-clockwise direction until I ended up where I started from and well.. that was pretty much it. I did have one other proviso – I figured the trip would probably take me 6-7 months or so but as I now sit here in 5 months into the trip and I’m yet to head into the Northern Territory then it is pretty clear that my original timeframe has gone the wayside; a possibility I had always considered and to be honest I wasn’t overly fussed about. This post will go somewhat towards explaining why the trip has been extended, where I’m headed and what is to become of the blog in the meantime.

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Back to Cairns

I hope everyone had a lovely break for Christmas – I spent it catching up with cousins I hadn’t seen in years :-) This post essentially marks the end of the year – I’ll have some news on where the trip is headed in the next one.

20/11/2013-21/11/2013 – I was originally planning to split the trip up back down to Cairns over three or so days but things did not go according to plan this time..

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