What goes up, must come down

14/11/2013 – 15/11/2013 – Another short post – this will cover the run back down from the Cape but won’t be of any great length – it was much the same as the trip up. After heading up to the tip we spent another night at Punsand Bay – riding back in darkness from Pajinka.


The view from our campsite – sad to leave it behind but no doubt there will be plenty more like it to come. The run through to Canal Creek was pretty straightforward – we stopped the night with the original plan to travel back to Weipa over the following two days but after getting a bad vibe about the weather I decided to push through to Weipa the following morning – Alex followed suit and I’m glad I made the decision as we made it in time before some heavy rain come through. Not much to report here – we ended up staying in Weipa for a few days and my cousin took us out fishing about 20km out from Mapoon. Great day out – the fishing is nothing like I have experienced back home – as soon as the hook touches the bottom the fish are on! No photo’s unfortunately – Alex was taking photos and I haven’t got a copy. Needless to say fresh fish for dinner was most welcome.


XR looking a bit more orange and a whole lot dirtier..


The bridge to Mapoon – apparently the longest single lane bridge in Australia. Whomever enters the bridge first and turns on their headlights gets right of way and it seems to work quite well.


A 14-footer is considered a ‘dinghy’ by Northern standards..


We stopped on the bridge on the way back to watch the sunset – quite spectacular!


Before leaving Weipa I took the opportunity to take the quad for a ride down to the beach



.. And that basically covers this section of the trip. I didn’t to much aside from fish and drink beer – not a bad way to spend a few days!

My Tracks 14/11/2013
My Tracks 15/11/2013

4 thoughts on “What goes up, must come down”

  1. and then the sun went down again and again …..and again………and again…… Mardy might be feeling a little jealous about the fishing if he reads this post. Congrats on successfuly completing your degree kiddo. Cheers Mum

    1. …you would be thinking right Mum….Ive been layed up for the last 3 weeks after rupturing a tendon and ripping it off my left ankle….so yeah, im jelous of people who can walk, let alone go fishing >:(
      Glad you are going well Brogs, will give you a call some time soon.

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