Palm Creek & Old Telegraph Track

9/11/2013 – 10/11/2013

Today we left Weipa with a goal of camping at Bramwell Junction before starting onto the Old Telegraph track. There’s another video at the bottom of this post.


We made it up to Bramwell Junction with no problems. We grabbed a bag of mixed lollies for the trip and headed towards Palm Creek – about 3km up the road – to our camp site.


A collection of license plates on display at Bramwell – apparently some of these are plates that have been found, some that have been donated and others are from vehicles that have succumbed to the OTR. Comforting..


Even more further down the paddock..


Fuel is starting to get expensive.


Entry point to the track




No more photos from here on out – I put a video together of the trip through the OTR. The only point of note is we bypassed Gunshot Creek to make things a little easier.

My Tracks 09/11/2013
My Tracks 10/11/2013 – this was through the OTR

One thought on “Palm Creek & Old Telegraph Track”

  1. Hope things aren’t getting too wet up there. Great video of the Ol d Telegraph Road Broge. I can see why you bypassed it coming back. Luv ya Mum

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