Mount Molloy, Mossman & Massive Burgers


Today’s destination – Cape Tribulation. This was certainly one of the standouts so far!


First stop – Port Douglas. The best way I could describe Port Douglas was laid-back, coastal and not overly swamped with tourists. It certainly had it’s fair share of tourist traps but overall it seemed to retain a lot of character. We didn’t spend long here as we intend to stay a few days on the way back down from the Cape but we did have one chance encounter; we bumped into two of Alex’s friends so that was a nice surprise.



Down towards the beach. The figs were quite big!


Candid shot. I forgot to take the sunglasses off…


The eternally happy Rah



Onwards to Mount Molloy. According to Rah the local cafe was one not to be missed – we had to try a Mount Molloy burger.


We ended up splitting this three ways for lunch. The owner sounded like he was from Eastern Europe and was quite gruff. Thankfully his wife was much more approachable.



Next stop – Mossman. After stopping at the tourist centre we hopped on a bus for a short ride to the gorge itself. The walk takes a touch under an hour and covers a few kilometres but we took the opportunity for a swim.





Very, very large strangler fig.



Spot the bird..


After a quick hop over the Daintree River on the ferry we made a trip to Bluehole. This is a natural swimming hole that is fairly secluded – the water is a very unnatural shade of blue and is quite beautiful in person, the photos don’t really do it justice. We took a swim here the following day.




We made our way to PK’s Jungle Village (simply known as PK’s) where we camped the night. Another serendipitous moment; we bumped into some people Alex had met in Brisbane who had travelled up from Melbourne in a small Nissan Micra and were now heading back towards Sydney (via Cairns for some scuba diving). We ended up spending the night drinking at the bar swapping stories. It was a fairly slow start in the morning..


PK’s in the morning. Come night, this place is pretty busy. Thankfully the prices are fairly reasonable given the isolated location. We decided to take a chance and camp next to Thornton Beach (no camping allowed..) for our second night. We had the beach to ourselves.




Daybreak. We headed back to PK’s to swap some details with our new friends and said our goodbyes. Next stop – Cooktown!

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6 thoughts on “Mount Molloy, Mossman & Massive Burgers”

  1. hi Brogie, Love the pics. Remember Mossman Gorge? Belly flops and fish when you were about 8? PK’s looks interesting. see ya Mum

  2. love the stories Brogan as we have been to all these places . Brings back memories. Daniel arrives in Weipa on Tuesday the 19th November.

    1. Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far – plenty of photos and stories coming up over the next few days :-) I was actually going to find out when he gets in – I’m not 100% sure if we’ll still be here or not (weather pending) – I’ll have more of an idea of plans in a day or so.

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