It’s a long way to the top..


Picking up where I left off – we spent a few days in Cooktown before moving on towards our next destination – Weipa to visit my cousin. Pretty standard affair by now – load up and hit the road. We had decided to take Battlecamp road, which was quite rough and corrugated for the first section but well worth it. Once we made it past the corrugations a steady 100-110km/h was possible on the hardpack dirt sections – a good chance to catch up on listening to some audio books as I could hear them clearly again. I’m working my way through Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series – I’ve just finished The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and have now started So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. But I digress, onwards with some pictures!

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One month, one day

New milestone today – I left a month and one day ago (Tuesday 8th of October) so I figured I’d throw a post up on how the trip & bikes have progressed so far.

- I’ve used approximately 250 litres of fuel at an average of $1.70 a litre.
- Total distance covered: 4,860km.
- 72 hours riding time.
- Fresh rear tyre
- 400MB of blog posts (including photos) have been uploaded.
~800MB of videos have been uploaded to YouTube.
- 16 posts have been uploaded.
- 53 comments posted.

Other than a once over and service at Herberton, the XR400 has been trouble free. Here’s to (hopefully) many more trouble free miles!


Just a quick note for any readers, please pardon the internission but I have had a few uni aasignments to get out of the way. I’ve made it to Cooktown & regular posting will resume in the next few days. Plenty of stories coming up :-)