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You’re probably wondering what motopacker means exactly. Well it’s quite simple really, it’s a noun formed from a portmanteau  but for that to make any sense I’ll need to start from the beginning.

Travel has always been a passion of mine, one which I have not had much of a chance to indulge in recent years due to university commitments; whilst I had greatly enjoyed my time studying in Newcastle (largely thanks to the many wonderful people I had met along the way – I have only been away from Newcastle for just under two months and I am already reminiscing about all the great times I have had over the years) I had grown somewhat restless, looking for a change. I have always enjoyed the sense of freedom that comes with road tripping and getting out and about exploring – I have long maintained that some of my best adventures have been when I have been hopelessly lost – even though I may not see it at the time. Be it finding myself on the wrong road out in the NSW outback 500km away from home on the way to Dubbo when I was 17 (sorry mum, I never did tell you that one) or walking back from the central coast to Newcastle at 1am – it’s all part of the fun, really. It was with all this in mind that I had begun to plan a trip to Canada for my final semester to study abroad at McMaster University in Ontario, due to leave in August. As I sit here in September getting ready to leave to circumnavigate Australia by motorcycle I can’t help but wonder that things didn’t quite go to plan…

Unfortunately it came to light towards the end of the application process to study at McMaster that they didn’t allow exchange students access to courses from the school of Engineering. Given that all Information Technology courses are governed by the Engineering faculty at Mac (and me being an IT student) it became rapidly apparent that I wouldn’t be studying overseas for my final semester as it was now too late to apply for another university. Feeling slightly defeated I had all but resigned myself to finishing my final semester at Newcastle when I had remembered that my good friend Alex was preparing to set off on a trip around Australia on a motorbike, joining a few other friends who had purchased a camper bus.  Having realised that I had a bike suitable for a long distance trip and that I was already prepared to study overseas anyway I decided packing up to travel Oz while studying via correspondence wasn’t such a crazy idea after all. As I begun to prepare for my trip I realised that having a way to keep a journal of my travels that I could share with my friends and family would be nice – it would also be a good idea to keep my writing and photography skills sharp, not a bad thing given my intended career path. And so this blog was born – motopacker – or to put it another way, motorcycle backpacker. It was the best name I could think of at the time and to be honest I have grown kind of fond of it…

So now here we are – you my dear reader, and I, less than two weeks from departure on what may well be the trip of a life time (hopefully not, I would love to do this again in future. Though I may yet live to eat my words..). This blog will serve as a way to share my travel journal supplemented with lots of photo and video along the way. It will also likely serve to share many of my ramblings as I discuss trip preparation and the logistics of living off a motorcycle whilst travelling for quite a few months – a topic about which I shall be posting shortly. Until then.

-Brogan (aka Motopacker).

One thought on “Motopacking – pardon?”

  1. Yeh thanks Broge didn’t know about getting lost at Dubbo but now I do. Maybe I should not be reading your blog. What mum don’t know won’t hurt her anyway happy travels. Stay safe and we’ll see you when we’re looking at ya. Luv ya heaps.

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